Who Wins Between Graphics and Usability of an Ecommerce?

 Who wins between graphics and usability of an ecommerce? Business, online shop the strong point of an online store? The semplicity. How do you imagine your future online store? If I ask you to describe it, you would surely tell me about the graphics, colors, photos or texts. I agree with you, appearance is important, because the eye also wants.  Its part, but to sell online successfully, more than a beautiful website, you ne an easy-to-use site! The usability of an ecommerce . , in fact, is one of the main success factors and has a much more important role than graphics! The usability of an ecommerce to provide simple solutions 

Intuitive but also responsive eCommerce

The usability of an online store is not a small detail, because it is the element. That determines the effectiveness and efficiency of a website! It is what guarantees users simple and fluid navigation. It is the ease with which visitors quickly find.  The information latest database and products they are looking for. Above all, it is the possibility of completing a purchase intuitively.  According to a linear purchasing process! Think of amazon, zalando . Or yoox:.  They are not famous sites because they are aesthetically beautiful, . But because they are all easy-to-use e-commerce sites. 

Strengths of a well-structured eCommerce

In each one it is easy to buy a product, return it or exchange it, just as it is very simple to contact customer support! People want this: simplicity and easy solutions for . Their purchases, because they don’t want to waste time! Intuitive but also responsive ecommerce what is a responsive site? It is a website that changes view and layout, depending on the device us. , smartphone, tablet or EL Leads computer. The display of a website, in fact, is not always the same, but changes depending on the device. The user who browses from a computer has a large screen, which . Becomes smaller if he uses a mobile phone or tablet instead. What does a responsive site do? 

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