In the 2019 Italian Elections, Make Your Voice Heard

 In the 2019 italian elections, make your voice heard with social mia . Political communication, elections social mia, a question of balance between public . And private life. Politicians of the modern . Era routinely use social mia, during and after the election campaign, and are.  Comfortable with the new means of communication. It will be the same in the 2019 italian elections , a hot year from a political . Point of view, because there will be elections to the european . Parliament, the regional ones and also the municipal ones! The new faces of politics above all, those who appear before the voting public.  For the first time, have the task of making themselves known and telling their story. 

Social networks are the most effective media

It won’t be easy, because everyone . Values their privacy, despite knowing that the candidacy will put.  The public and private spheres in balance. The goal is to find a balance between the ne to make yourself known and that of maintaining.  Some privacy at the new database same time. Social networks are the most effective mia nowadays social mia is a tool that cannot be done without.  In an election campaign. They are the most pervasive mia – some might say “Most invasive” – because they spread news in a widespread way. I would also add, for better or for worse. Let’s think about it . For a moment: if we compare news post on social networks . And the same news post on a website, publish in paper newspapers,.  Announc on radio or television, which would spread first?

Build your realistic image on social media

Social networks definitely! Who better than facebook, twitter, instagram, linkin or youtube is able to . Tell a 360° story about a fact, a person, a politician at the same spe! What mia could compete with these platforms? Fast and immiate as always, social networks are number one! All it takes EL Leads is one image or video to send people multiple messages in one go! This is why social mia is indispensable in any political marketing strategy and this.  Is why social mia will also be the protagonists of the 2019 italian elections! Build your realistic image on social mia to build your.  Image and explain to your voters who the politician and private . Citizen candidate for the 2019 italian elections is, use the web too! 

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