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  • We are happy with the services and increase in sales that ELLEADS brought to us. We will continue our association for a good time.
    GoNaari MD
  • It was a fruitful experience walking into our business. We are very glad that we made the choice to go with EL
    Insurance Saathi CEO

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Our Methodology

SMS Marketing

Targeted SMS Marketing to increase your Sales manifold

Yes Really

One of the most effective and easiest way to get leads and marketing is by SMS. It has been over a decade that SMS Campaigns have ruled the visibility and sales of products and services. In the recent past, we have also seen the increase in Whatsapp marketing.

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Email Marketing

While retaining the advantages of SMS Marketing, EMail Blast also more advantages in reaching out to potential leads.

Very Effective

In an era of cloud technology, when you have to send a lot of information to the consumer and with images and links to your website, etc, Email Marketing is the best option available. There are certain checks that you need to be aware of when you are looking at Email Campaigns.

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Cold Calling

In house calling on leads can be a costly affair and if not led by an experienced personnel

Targeted Audience

There are certain Products, especially in the IT Industry that can acquire substantial leads and conversions by cold calling campaigns itself. There are many B2C businesses as well which rely on calling to spread their client base.

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Space Ads

For any business, to be known to the prospective Clients, Advertising becomes very vital.

Be Known

Based on your Industry and Product, we will suggest you the Best approach for Advertising and also give you options with emphasis on performance and Budget Control. Our research team will work out the Industry practices and chalk out a plan suited and optimized for better results.

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