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Innovation is Growing, but Italian Smes

 Innovation is growing, but italian smes are still not very digital digital.  Business, marketing too little investment by smes in digital. I would like to be able to say that small and mium-siz italian.  Companies are active protagonists of the digital transformation and.  That in the ongoing digital revolution they are not second to large companies. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Italian smes are still not very digital , or perhaps I should say too little digital.  Compar to european smes. Good signs are coming from the world . Of entrepreneurship, but it will still take time to talk about the digitalisation . Of small 

The advantages of innovative SMEs

And mium-siz businesses. The percentage of smes that have invest in innovation is still low, but those . That have taken the plunge have experienc the great.  Opportunities of digital in terms of greater turnover, productivity and tax advantages . The advantages of innovative smes small special data and mium-siz italian.  Companies that have invest in technology and are innovative.  According to the criteria of l.33/2015, have access to a whole series.  Of advantages such as: tax incentives on investments tax breaks on . Employee remuneration they can raise capital under equity.  Crowdfounding and access forms of financing via crowdfounding platforms . Enjoy a special regime in the event of losses of share capital simplifi access to crit through the 

What marketing analyzes tell us

Central guarantee fund. And these are just some of the opportunities! What marketing analyzes tell us there is a lot of marketing research on smes.  And digital, which all agree on one point and that is on the fact that italian smes are still not very digital! From an istat research carri out.  In 2017 EL Leads and which concerns investments in technologies . In various european countries, it emerges that italy does . Not really shine for resourcefulness. Between 2013 and 2017, investments by italian companies in intellectual property asset.  Including technology, were 8.6%, compar to 17.5% in germany, 17.9% in france and 12.8% of spain. 

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