What is gamification and how can it contribute to the development?

When you hear the term gamification even a person. Who knows a little English immediately thinks that it has something to do with games. Maybe that’s why we rarely hear this term in the context of online marketing in Lithuania, although it has long been established in other areas, and many elements of “gamification” help earn more money for both online and physical businesses. So what exactly is “gamification” and how does it relate to online marketing? In very simple terms, it’s the application of game mechanics on a website you manage to get website visitors to achieve certain goals. The goal of “gamification” is simple – users need to tap into their base desires to achieve a goal and receive a reward.

As the simplest example of gamification

We can provide free delivery. Many online stores offer free delivery over a certain amount, for example – 100 EUR. You can indicate this in the store rules, and when the customer has the items in the shopping cart and pays for them, you will simply add an Italy Phone Number List additional shipping fee if the cart amount is less than 100 EUR. But why did you create this 100 EUR rule? The answer will be very simple – that as many baskets as possible exceed the amount of 100 EUR. So why are you hiding this point somewhere in the rules forgotten by users? It needs to be constantly visible to your customer, and even better, it needs to engage and engage the customer. With the “gamification” method, your customer should be able to see at all times how far they are from free shipping.

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It can be a purely textual element

You can also use more creative ways filling row or column. An example of gamification An example of “gamification”. As you can see in the given example, the customer always knows how much he is missing before free shipping, which encourages him to go EL Leads  over the limit. While the option to get items for free may have been on your site all along, gamifying it will make people pay more attention to it, and most importantly, want to take advantage of it (who doesn’t want that annoying “ATTENTION” line to disappear). Of course, such a simple solution will work differently in different markets, but it is quite realistic that after implementing such an element, you will increase the size of the baskets, which previously did not reach your desired amount by up.

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