Google’s Speed ​​Update algorithm has minimal impact on search results

For mobile search, Google’s latest Speed ​​Update algorithm has had little or no impact on search results. Before and after the launch of the Speed ​​Update algorithm, Link Assistant conducted a test that analyzed TOP30 positions based on 33,500 queries – more than 1 million. url. As shown in the results of the Link Assistant test, page speed optimization correlates very strongly with its position in the SERP . However, it turned out that this correlation did not change at all before and after running the algorithm. Data from Link Assistant prior to the launch of Google’s Speed ​​Update algorithm for mobile search shows that there is also no correlation between search positions and FCP ( First Contentful Paint ) and DCL ( DOM Content Loaded ) metrics.

The increase in average rates between before

After applying the algorithm to the page was marginal, at respectively. Thus, a week after the launch of the Speed ​​Update algorithm, the search results remained almost unchanged. The only overall change was an increase in web page performance as measured by the Link Assistant optimization score. Increasing the performance of web pages is Iran Phone Number List currently happening across the sector. In just 3 months, the average web page ranked 1-30 in mobile search has seen a performance increase of SEO points. In other words, standards are rising, and now is the time to join the race for higher performance. Although the search results have not changed significantly after the launch of the Speed ​​Update algorithm, the optimization level of the pages that are still in the first 30 positions is increasing.

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What page is good Rank Brain finds

Out which pages have the best answers to search engine queries and analyzes them for common traits. This analysis includes the keywords used and their frequency, but this is only a superficial analysis. RankBrain also analyzes page structure. For example, if a website is very generic, it may be identified as “bad” and receive a lower rating than a EL Leads more niche website. RankBrain also analyzes backlinks. Let’s say a tablet website linking to a computer website is perfectly normal, but a clothing website is definitely not. To avoid misclassification, you should follow the parameters that RankBrain has found to identify “good” pages. Adaptation to new norms Good pages are becoming the new norm.

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