What is eSocial and how to guide your customers on the subject?

Every accountant needs to know what eSocial is to expand its client portfolio. After all, many of them are obliged to use it because they have collaborators. To serve them, you even need to know how to explain about the government’s communication platform on labor and social security obligations. Many employers still have doubts about the platform and have not fully understood the size of the importance of eSocial and all the practicality it offers. Teaching them about the system will give you a competitive edge by showing empathy and authority. Learn below what eSocial is and how it works, divided into the following topics: What is eSocial and how does it work? Main obligations of eSocial Who should join eSocial? Important guidelines to give to entrepreneurs What are the benefits of eSocial for your customers.

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Azul eSocial was created for companies to send labor. Obligations to government agencies such as CAGED, INSS, RAIS and DIRF. A simplified way; What is eSocial and how does it work? eSocial — Digital Tax Bookkeeping System for Social Security and Labor Tax Obligations — is a Federal Government platform for companies to  Cyprus Phone Number List  register and send events and labor and social security obligations. Among the information that this platform receives are the admission of new employees, communication of Work Accidents and the collection of INSS. The sending of this data is done directly on the website or by platforms authorized by the government. Conta Azul Mais is even one of them. The tax guides are also calculated and generated by eSocial, making the job of employers even easier.

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The system is capable of Standardize information

Exchange and data transmission; Reduce manual work; Facilitate government oversight of compliance with tax obligations. Before eSocial, companies suffered a lot from manually checking and sending information on various platforms. At the same time, the Government had difficulties in monitoring compliance with labor and social EL Leads security obligations. The problem was that the collection of this information was done manually. Using forms and printed statements. eSocial optimized document completion. And even allows you to send up to 15 obligations and events at a time. Main obligations of eSocial According to the Federal Government. The main obligations to be informed through eSocial are: CAGED (Cadastro Geral de Empregados e Desempregados) to control the admissions and dismissals of employees under the CLT regime. Also through the system, it is possible to inform employee admissions and dismissals.

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