What is accounting reconciliation and how to apply this process?

Accounting reconciliation is one of the most important processes in accounting. It is through it that you check whether the input and output values ​​are consistent with the movements registered in the client’s company. However, just holding the conference is not enough. It is necessary to go further, guide the client in resolving possible bottlenecks, as well as identify the origin of each one of them. It is with an advisory attitude like this that you move from the position of a technical professional to a strategic and indispensable partner for the client . This is one of the ways to conquer what every accountant seeks: a recurring demand and satisfied clientele. Continue reading to remember the concept of accounting reconciliation, the real importance of this process and the main mistakes to be avoided.

What Is Accounting Reconciliation?

You will also see how to leverage this service, saving time and delivering more quality. Read on! Here, check out the following topics: How important is accounting reconciliation to your customers? Existing Account Reconciliation Types Main errors in accounting reconciliation What is needed for a good account reconciliation? How to do the accounting  Costa Rica Phone Number List  reconciliation of your customers? Need help with reconciliation? Count on Conta Azul Mais! Accounting reconciliation serves to check whether all financial transactions made in the client’s company are correct in order to reduce losses; What is Accounting Reconciliation? The accounting reconciliation process is the checking of the client’s financial transactions by the accountant. In it, there are statements, financial reports, investments, payroll, cash flow, loans, among other routines.

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How important is accounting reconciliation to your customers?

That’s how you understand what came in and out, possible entry errors and whether the balance sheet records. When finalizing the accounting reconciliation, it is necessary to present. A report to your client, a kind of diagnosis on the financial health of the business. Accounting reconciliation is extremely important because it helps to identify possible EL Leads entry errors that could lead to financial losses for your customers. These errors may even come from frauds that need to be investigated and eliminated. This practice also helps clients avoid labor lawsuits, for example. This is because the accounting reconciliation of the payroll points to incorrect calculations in salary entries and employee termination amounts. In short, this process is so valuable that it can be considered a pillar of consultative accounting , a business model where the consultant accountant works closer to the client, defining strategies to ensure the best results.

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