Know the deadlines for ancillary obligations and alert your customers

There are more than 10 ancillary obligations that accountants need to be aware of. Missing the deadlines for these payments can lead to fines and other problems with the Revenue. In addition, the relationship of trust with your client may be compromised. To efficiently manage ancillary obligations, you need to know them, keep an eye on changes in legislation and keep processes defined and organized in your office. Remember in this content the main ancillary obligations and their respective shipping deadlines. See also how technology can help you in this monitoring. Good reading! Follow the following topics: What is the purpose of accessory obligations? Main ancillary obligations to alert your customers What happens if your client misses deadlines? Keep track of deadlines and better serve your customers with the Blue Account! The ancillary obligations comprise the documents.

What is the purpose of accessory obligations?

That every company needs to send to the supervisory bodies. The ancillary obligations comprise the declarations that every company. Needs to send to the supervisory bodies, whether municipal, state or federal. The main objective is to declare the payment of taxes and prove compliance. With the labor regime of the segment in which it operates. A large part of the ancillary obligations are usually the responsibility of the companies’ personal  Czech Republic Phone Number List  departments, such as payroll and sending eSocial information. However, it is the duty of the accountant to advise the client on the fulfillment of these obligations and monitor the payment of the guides. This is where this professional’s consultative stance comes in, going beyond operational activities and acting as a strategic partner for the client. In practice, it is precisely this closer service that is responsible for building customer loyalty and maintaining recurring demand.

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Organize your office processes to serve more clients

Learn about our new Partner Program for accountants. Main ancillary obligations to alert your customers Monthly is until the 7th day of the following month. DARF The Federal Tax Collection Document — DARF is an ancillary federal EL Leads obligation and serves to collect taxes on financial operations. It can be paid by both natural and legal persons. In the DARF of the companies are included: Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ); Social Integration Program (PIS); Contribution for the Financing of Social Security (COFINS); Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL); Tax on Credit, Exchange and Insurance Operations (IOF). The DARF must be paid monthly by the 20th of each month. DAS The Simples Nacional Collection Document – DAS must also be paid monthly by the 20th of each month and corresponds to 5% of the minimum wage plus taxes depending on the activity carried out.

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