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NB Chat MUST also be set up properly. If it’s empty, distracts the visitor, no one answers there, etc., then it’s worth not adding it! Otherwise, however, it is a very good tool for creating customer trust and thereby increasing the probability of purchases. chats that actually scare away the customer! Be attentive! Customers won’t write or call you angrily saying “Please be nice and fix your chat” – they’ll just go away! Be sure to test your own chat from time to time to see how comfortable it is to use. Chat history must be preserve! The customer must be able to access it even weeks later. Purchases are often made or complete weeks later. Set the chat so that it does not disappear if the customer leaves or closes the page.

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The answers must not disappear, not even in the evening, because many customers make their purchases in the evening or come to complete them then. Be careful with the privacy terms . You should not actually ask the customer to log in, create an account, etc. in order to ask questions about the service or product. Rather, the visitor closes the chat in database this case and leaves. Poorly configure chat = cancele purchase = lost money. Apart from that, the disbelief towards chats and especially your e-shop is also growing. Properly configure analytics, now already GA4 By setting up Google Analytics (from July 2023 GA4) correctly, you can get an overview of your e-shop’s statistics and the actions that the customer takes on your page.


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Giving you invaluable information about traffic EL Leads trends , user behavior and conversion rates. Use this powerful data analytics to. Do you want to know how much money an advertisement brings in? do you spend on average for one purchase? Where does the purchase stop? All this can be shown by the correct setting of Google analytics. Google Analytics provides real-time analysis of visitors and page performance.

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