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In turn, an example of micromarketing on the web can be a website of a certain blogger, offering old cars for up to PLN 5,000. The target group is only those people who cannot or do not want to spend more than a few thousand zlotys on a car. They are lovers of old motoring who appreciate these models, and at the same time know about cars and avoid professional dealers. There are many open automotive classifies exchanges with tens of thousands of listings. However, they will not interest those people who know what they want and prefer to choose from dozens of offers for enthusiasts.

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We recommend How to plan online marketing? Online marketing Advantages and disadvantages of micromarketing Micromarketing on the example above shows that appropriate targeting will allow you to reach several or several hundre of the phone number list most prospective customers. However, it omits thousands of those who would not be intereste in the product anyway. This allows you to focus on the most important factors for them, ignoring the others, such as low price or large selection. Reaching such a narrow group can be incomparably cheaper than a wide-ranging communication strategy.

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The disadvantage of micromarketing is that the campaign must be precee by a fairly thorough data analysis. It depends on them whether the right group of customers will be selecte. Lack of data, their imprecision or difficulties in obtaining EL Leads them may cause the message to miss those to whom it should reach. Micromarketing and macromarketing Macromarketing is the name of a branch of knowlege that evaluates marketing in the context of a broader social panorama. Jacek Kamiński explains it with examples in the work “Macromarketing as part of the science of marketing the macro area is the implementation of public policy and stakeholder sanctions regarding marketing.

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