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The sale of online courses assumes a high-profile premiere several times a year, but there is a dead period between them. The answer is passive income and the launch of the so-calle evergreen, an automate product that provides a steady income throughout the year. In a similar way, newspapers try to encourage subscriptions, and streaming platforms – to subscribe for a whole year. Another, but more time-consuming solution, will be to develop a new product or market to ensure customers not only “in season.

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In addition, marketing and well-chosen PR tools can be helpful . An email marketing campaign or advertisements can direct customers’ attention to a pre- or post-season product, pointing to a lower price or other bonuses associate with buying whatsapp mobile number list at a less favorable time. Often, such artificially create dates turn into iconic events, such as the fall fair or spring cleaning of warehouses, which serve to stimulate seasonal sales also in other seasons. Finally, you can find additional sales channels in or around the season to saturate it to the maximum. The organization of workshops is quite often use recently.

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With new ones and thus profits

A company producing Christmas decorations can invite companies or children to make baubles together from the first days of December. A course, a book, or a bauble museum could help bridge the dramatic gap between December revenues and no revenues during the rest of the year. These are just a handful of examples of how the seasonality EL Leads of sales can be turne to the company’s advantage. We recommend Micromarketing – reaching the customer at low costSeasonality of sales – support or obstacle in running a business? February 1, 2021 Seasonality of sales has always existe. Today, however, companies must show profits throughout the year and pay all fees regularly. Therefore, they cannot always afford revenues to concentrate only in certain periods.

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