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Their Stay The User Can Choose To Book

In China, for example, the population being much more advancd in the use of mobile phones than in Europe, and the WeChat application being very widely usd, Club Md has developd reservation and search functions directly from the application. A global strategy articulatd around the customer journey Club Md has sought to stand out not only by modernizing its services and offering even more upscale offers, but also by focusing its strategy entirely around the customer journey.

Before The Stay During And Finally

Thus, the steps before the stay, during, and finally after it, like a “ smart follower ”. Before their stay, the user can choose to book their stay via an optimizd online experience, but also can go directly to Club Md agencies, to benefit from an equally whatsapp mobile number list digital live experience . The agencies have been rdesignd to offer its customers a unique experience where technology is omnipresent: giant screens broadcast images and videos of the Villages, tablets are available to customers, and virtual reality headsets are available to allow visitors to visualize in total immersion the various stays and activities offerd by the brand.

whatsapp mobile number list

After It Like A Smart Follower Before

During their stay, everything is organizd around the visitor: thanks to the preferences and profiles that the traveler will have providd via their EL Leads application and the brand’s website, the GOs (or Gentils Organiseurs) prepare everything in advance to make their stay a moment without a hitch. A program has been specially developd for this purpose, Easy Arrival : for example, a family going skiing can book their equipment in advance, in order to avoid the rush of the first day.

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