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It allows you to save any content (articles, images, sounds, URLs, etc.) as notes. They are stord in a thematic notebook and archivd via keywords. You can access your notes anywhere, from any mdium, and annotate them, then share them. Depending on the version you have, you even have access to your notebooks offline. Content monitoring and curation are not a waste of time, but they can be if they are not carrid out correctly, in an organizd way.

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On the contrary, this approach is part of a real development strategy for your company. Depending on the type of monitoring chosen, you will be able to stand out from the competition, improve your image and your offer, or even develop phone number list relevant strategies. If under your watch, you realize that you are not visible enough on the Internet, then you should embark on a SEO strategy. While Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Halloween remain traditional celebrations – although heavily usd in advertising and for marketing purposes – what about Grandmother’s Day.

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Honord tradition or publicity stunt, whatever it may be, Grandmother’s Day remains an opportunity for brands to once again surf on the EL Leads news and make the most of their chestnut tree (not the tree , but this calendar grouping together all the events of the year and which makes it possible to send messages right at the right time ). into its conversational agents ( chatbots ). War is declard ! Is Workplace a real competitor? Let’s say Workplace doesn’t play in the same league as Slack or Microsoft Teams. An intranet is the digital workplace within a company and enables collaboration, communication and information management.

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