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In addition, bots not only stop at conversation and research, but can also inform agencies about the consultation statistics of their ads, they can help inform landlords or tenants of their rent payment by real time, to report incidents… So much factual information that can be processe quickly, requiring the intervention of a real person only when necessary. The deployment of connected housing Home automation, or the house of the future, is increasingly present in today’s homes.

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Everything is connected and controll from an app, from heating to lighting. To household appliances and smart mailboxes. which announces Latest Mailing Database you the mail of the day. While it is currently possible to control. Your home remotely, in terms of security or heating. For example, smart homes are full of innovations that will be revealed to the general public in the years to come. A resurgence of new services and applications, which today appears to be a necessity in the face of the changing consumption patterns of real estate customers and society in general.

Latest Mailing Database

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All professionals must to continue and to increase their presence. And their notoriety in terms of innovations on the market, to offer EL Leads services that are. Always more in tune with the times. Helping companies to. Develop in digital is our core business. Do not hesitate to contact us , our experts will be able to advise you!No need to introduce Facebook! With its 31 million active French users per month, it is France’s leading social network.

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