SEO Report: What information does a perfect one include?

In general, preparing a monthly SEO report is a task in which it is necessary to. Therefore, invest time, especially when you have doubts about what to put or you do not have a good tool to do it. SEMrush has a feature to help you: the “ My. Therefore, reports ” section saves you almost all the work. In fact, the report is done by itself, all you have to do is analyze it. And it is not only useful for an SEO report, with SEMrush you can prepare any necessary report in digital marketing in a few minutes : advertising, social media, content, among others.

Why is the SEO report important?

Obtain good reports by investing a few seconds. Therefore, in its configuration : SEO, GMB (Google My Business), site audit. You can executive email list create your own custom templates by easily adding or removing. Therefore, modules : it works by drag and drop. Suitable for customization : each of the modules offers new configuration options. You have information on several tools in one place. Not only from the SEMrush database, but also from Google Analytics and Search Console. You can include all the information you want about your site and that of your competitors.

Advantages of SEMrush “My reports”

Also, keep in mind that. Therefore, positioning is competing. This means that to know how well you are doing, you must EL Leads compare yourself with the competition. So a good SEO report should include information about how all. Therefore, these aspects are working, and be effective in answering the following questions.

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