The 9 most used social networks: what are they and what are they for?

They are those social networks that are focused on. Therefore, a particular The 9 most topic and their users have a common point. They are also known as thematic or niche social networks and are. Therefore, characterized by not having a large number of users, who are usually separated through hashtags . However, they are usually very profitable for businesses due to the great segmentation they offer. Some examples of vertical social networks are LinkedIn, TripAdvisor and SoundCloud.

For what are the social The 9 most network good for?

They are social networks that do not have any specific. Therefore, theme and in them we can basically find executive data everything and for everyone. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok are clear examples of. Therefore, this type of social network, because content of all kinds is shared on these platforms and their users are also diverse.

Vertical social networks

The first key to knowing which are the most used. Therefore, social networks is to determine who your ideal client is and which social network they use most frequently to be present, create brand. Therefore, strategies and position yourself . It is very important to EL Leads consider the type of platform and your preferences when creating content. For example, if you are better at making videos and speaking, logic tells us that YouTube could be your network.

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