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Models which one to implement and why

What is product differentiation? To put it simply – differentiation is an action that will highlight significant differences between the goods of one company and those offere by competitors. In addition, in understanding what it is about, it will help to pay attention to the parameters that may be different. These are, for example, image, communication and sales channels , durability and others. You can find dozens of such distinguishing features. A professional marketing strategy aims to select an important feature and carry out effective product differentiation. How to do it? Even in the sphere of symbolism or ideas, distinguishing their products from others.

To choose the right proceures

However, it is important that it has the following features at the same time and is: significant – from the consumer’s point of view; available – so that the customer can use it; beneficial – we emphasize the positive features of the product; safe – so that the customer does not have to focus on risk assessment; profitable – it is best that the differentiator database translates into a specific value for him; clear – the question of communication is whether the customer will understand the difference distinctive – that can be describe, compare with other products. We recommend Will gamification in recruitment tell you the truth? (as oppose to CV) When is it worth using product differentiation.


Methods of internal communication

Product differentiation is one of the basic methods to increase and support sales . Properly carrie out, it will work regardless of the scale or EL Leads market situation. When there is little competition, that is sometimes the only way to accentuate the difference (as in the famous example of two nearly identical sodas). When the market is highly saturate and there is a lot of competition, it is also thanks to the awareness of what product differentiation is all about, you can stand out from the crowd. It is also worth remembering that this process may occur spontaneously on the basis of factors beyond the entrepreneur’s control as a result of, for example, competition activities or the effects of random events.

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