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There can be even a dozen or so sample questions, which will introduce an element of personalization and freshness to each interview. Many companies adopt a time frame in which the first 5 minutes are devote to asking questions to the candidate and the next 5 minutes is the time for the candidate to get to know the company better. The last 5 minutes is time for any questions. We recommend Will gamification in recruitment tell you the truth? (as oppose to CV) It is worth treating spee recruitment as part of the employer branding process.

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Each candidate will tell their friends about their impressions after the meeting, so it can be a free marketing tool from the company’s point of view. A good example of such thinking are large tech companies. Facebook or TikTok on their Latest Mailing Database pages extensively describe each stage of the recruitment process with examples. It is not only information for candidates, but also a conscious communication strategy that shows the transparency and friendly face of technological giants. Spee ​​recruitment – advantages and disadvantages It will be easier to list the disadvantages of this type of interviews with candidates, because there are definitely fewer of them.

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Spee ​​recruitment will not work for every industry and position. Where only rigid competencies count, and the pool of candidates is relatively small, it is difficult to find the positives of opening up to dozens of random candidates. On the other hand, there EL Leads are industries where competencies are more fluid. A fresh look from the outside can be revealing (marketing, copywriting, sales). Then such an interview can be inspiring for both parties. How to prepare for spee recruitment? Although spee recruitment means fewer barriers and a more relaxe atmosphere, it is still worth using ready-made schemes in the recruitment process. Thanks to this, despite the innovative formula, each meeting will be similar to some extent.

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