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Lcdpr: What It Is How to Do It and Deadlines

Diversifying the list of services offered is essential to increase the billing of accounting offices . Knowing about rural accounting and doing the Rural Producer’s Digital Cash Book (LCDPR) is one of the possibilities to add value to your business. After all, agribusiness continues to grow and has significant numbers. To give you an idea, the number of people working in agriculture increased by 4.6% in the second half of 2022, reaching 19.09 million producers, according to a Cepea survey. Serving this audience, therefore, is interesting in terms of increasing revenue. Keep reading to understand everything about LCDPR: who needs to do it, deadlines and what information this document should contain.

Check the Following Topics: What Is and Who Needs It?

What is the purpose of the Rural Producer Cash Book? Information that the LCDPR needs to contain What are the delivery deadlines and fines for those who do not declare? Get easy access to LCDPR information LCDPR is the Rural Producer’s Digital Cash Book. This is a mandatory document for individual rural producers who earned  Afghanistan Phone Number List more than R$ 4.8 million in the previous year; What is LCDPR and who needs it? LCDPR is the acronym for Rural Producer Digital Cash Book. This is an accounting bookkeeping for individual rural producers , who earned, in the previous base year, more than R$ 4.8 million in gross income from the activities carried out. However, if desired, the rural producer who earned less than this amount can also generate the LCDPR.

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Lcdpr Has Become Mandatory According

Normative Instruction RFB It must include all revenues, investments, expenses and other costs involved in rural production. To issue it, simply access the e-CAC Porrtal in the “ My Income Tax” menu . Once completed, the system generates a file, which must be stored for up to 5 years. It is worth remembering that, in order to issue the LCDPR, it is necessary to EL Leads have a digital certificate. To facilitate this process, the Revenue has prepared a manual containing all the guidelines for completing it. What is the purpose of the Rural Producer Cash Book? The main objective of LCDPR is to give visibility to the Revenue and also to the rural producer himself on accounting and finance. In this way, inspection becomes simpler and the entrepreneur is able to understand the financial situation, identify points for cost reduction and plan future investments.

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