Accountant’s Day: find out how the celebration came about

Accountant’s Day is celebrated on September 22nd. When we look at those commemorative dates on national and international calendars, it is normal to be curious about the origin of these celebrations. Because today you will know why this is your day, accountant! And to celebrate, let’s not just look back. We will show the now and comment on what is expected for tomorrow. What is the most desired accountant profile in 2022 and in the coming years? How can you empower yourself to provide better service and increase your clientele? In this content, resolve these doubts, learn about the origin of Accountant’s Day, the purpose of the function and the directions to achieve success in your career. We wish you an inspiring read. Check the topics: How did Accountant’s Day come about.

Why Does Accounting Exist?

The accountant’s role in 2022 Be an accountant prepared for the future! How did accountant’s day come about? President Getúlio Vargas signed Decree-Law No. 7,988 on higher education courses in Accounting and Actuarial Sciences and Economic  Turkey Phone Number List Sciences, creating the first graduation in the area. Thus, Accountant’s Day appears. However, do not confuse it with Dia do Contabilista, also known as Dia do Técnico de Contabilidade, which is November 20th . As you may know, the accountant is the professional graduated in Accounting Sciences and the accountant is the one who takes a technical or professional course in the area. An important addendum is that in April 2012, the Federal Accounting Council (CFC) began using the term Accounting Professional instead of accountant, due to the modernization of this profession.

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Another day to keep an eye on is which

Honor of Senator João Lyra Tavares, became National Accounting Day. In case you don’t know him, he is the Patron of Brazilian Accounting and received. This title for defending the regularization of the profession in Brazil on that same day, in the year 1926. Finally, we have International Accounting Day, November 10, when the anniversary. The publication of the book “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalità (Knowledge of Arithmetic, Geometry, Proportion and Proportionality) is celebrated. This book presents the Double EL Leads Entry Method created by the father of Modern Accounting, Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli. But why does accounting exist? Accounting has existed since human beings began recording trade operations. When we started selling, accounting already existed, although its modern version appeared in 1494, with Friar Franciso Luca Pacioli.

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