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How to Apply Up Selling and Cross Selling in Accounting

This is possible through up selling and cross selling. And, in addition to the financial benefits, with these techniques, the accountant can still improve the customer portfolio experience. Which is essential for loyalty and also for attracting new companies to the office. Read on to understand how to create smart up selling and cross selling processes. See also sales tips that will help your office stand out in the accounting market. Good reading! To increase revenue, it is not always necessary to gain more clients for the office; What is up selling and cross selling? Up selling and cross selling are two sales techniques aimed at increasing revenue from a purchase . That is, the buyer has already consumed from that company and will be introduced to other products and/or services that are different or more robust.

Cross selling occurs when complementary products

Services are offered to the customer. An example is when you buy a hamburger and are offered a french fries or a soda. Up selling happens when, when making a purchase, the company offers products and services from the same line purchased, only better. Here, an example would be the purchase of a running shoe that allows discounts on other better models, for a certain time. Bringing to accounting: Up selling happens when a client seeks your office to  Albania Phone Number List open the company and you offer different plans: one just to make opening the business viable and another more expensive one, with financial advice; Cross selling can be when the client comes to the office just to do the monthly accounting and they are also offered a financial BPO . Both up selling and cross selling are focused not only on making.

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The Customer Spend More but on Acquiring Services

That will make a difference in the company. To have this sensitivity, a successful accountant needs to act in an advisory manner . This means being much more than a professional focused on meeting accounting obligations. Knowing, identifying needs and proposing the best solutions for your clients. Check in the next topic how to apply these techniques in your office in an assertive way. How to apply these techniques in your office? The customer needs to EL Leads understand and recognize the need. For the services you are offering in up selling and cross selling. For this, it is essential to know the sales techniques and apply them in a personalized way . Check out the main ones. Understand customer pain The customer’s pain, that is, the problem he needs to solve with an accounting service, goes beyond paying the guides and taxes.

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