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Having an accounting services proposal template ready helps you to gain agility in the day-to-day of the office. In addition, it is a document that can be decisive when closing a contract with the customer. Making a good proposal for accounting services takes time, but that is not why the client will accept to wait a long time. We’ve developed a ready-made template for you to download for free right here, in this content! Continue reading to find out a little more about the importance of this model and the main mistakes to avoid when creating your own. How can an accounting services proposal template help you close more deals? Common mistakes when preparing an accounting proposal Download your Accounting Services Proposal Template for free Ready! Streamline your demands and serve more customers with Conta Azul Mais.

Having a Proposal Model for Accounting Services

We know that doing this from scratch takes time, so we’ve developed an accounting services proposal template for free download! To gain access, you just need to fill out the form for this content; How can an accounting services proposal template  Croatia Phone Number List  help you close more deals? You talked to a potential client and left happy because the conversation was productive. After all, his office offers everything he needs and it is very likely that this contract will be closed. But, he was waiting to receive your proposal for providing accounting services and due to the rush, you never sent it. Result: the competition gained another customer. With a proposal template for the provision of accounting services ready , your job will only be to fill in the information from potential clients and send it on the same day. This speed is seen as a positive aspect and conveys confidence.

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Important When Looking for New Contracts

Another advantage of this document. The opportunity to explain a little more about the proposed services. Raise the client’s pain points and relate them to the solutions your office offers. Click here to learn about Conta Azul Mais, a complete and free EL Leads solution for accounting offices! Common mistakes when preparing an accounting proposal Delay in giving feedback to the customer. The ideal is to establish a deadline of up to 48 hours and, if possible, send the proposal for accounting services as soon as possible; Not understanding the customer’s real need and offering services that don’t make sense, just to increase the value of the contract; Lack of clarity, presence of Portuguese errors and, if the proposal is submitted in print, using low-quality material; Confusing description of services; Forgetting to schedule a conversation to explain the proposal.

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