What the Accountant Needs to Know to Serve Customers in the Digital Market

For approximately 10 years, the digital market has been part of our lives . However, specialized accounting and financial services in this segment did not grow at the same speed. And that’s where you, as an accountant, can act to increase your office earnings! But first of all, know that this market has its own peculiarities, and being aware of them is essential to offer quality services. Keep reading to understand why it’s worth investing in this market and check out the tips that Leandro Bueno, an accounting entrepreneur for over 20 years, brought to Conta Azul’s Formation of Heroes in July 2022. And registration for the September issue is now open. Click on the image below to know more.

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Why adapt to the digital market? The digital market started in the 90s, with Jeff Walker , who launched a kind of formula for selling online courses. One of the  Algeria Phone Number List stages of this process was the sending of a newsletter by e-mail. When he reached 2000 subscribers, he decided to make an offer to these people and achieved good results. Afterwards, Jeff made another 3 launches until he managed to earn 34 thousand dollars. This Launch Formula, as it is called, arrived in Brazil in 2013 , at the hands of Brazilian Érico Rocha, considered the father of the digital market in the country. At the time, he made 365 videos – one a day, for a year – to teach people this new way of selling.

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The method became popular and currently

There are many infoproducers making money in the country. According to data from the market consultancy Valuates Reports , the estimate is that, by 2027, this market will reach revenues of 241 billion dollars worldwide. In Brazil, according to EL Leads data from Connect Soluções Digitais , in 2020, the infoproduct market grew 103%, twice as much as in 2019. Realize that the digital market is huge and that, every day, new professionals appear launching courses and other infoproducts. Adapting to this segment means going against this trend . Another important point is the fact that this public is more used to digital. Which already facilitates the relationship and increases the chances of winning more customers in this branch, regardless of location.

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