Get the Sales Team to collaborate with Marketing

Make sure your prospects have access to the right content at the right time. To do this, the sales and marketing team must work closely together, always aligned, in order to create content, blog articles, case histories and frequently asked questions and answers pages to meet the needs of prospects and close more opportunities in less time. time.

When marketers have access to the marketing content they need, and are trained on how to use it effectively, the odds of winning increase by as much as 16.6%. This is confirmby the research by Sirius Decisions which also highlights that when companies align their marketing and sales departments with a streamlined communication system, growth is even more evident.

Invest in Continuing Education

Training and onboarding are not the same thing. Continuous training helps to increase the performance of all personnel, with positive effects in all company sectors.

If you have a particularly good salesperson, invite him to lunch, try to understand his best practices and transfer them to other collaborators; bring Direct Mail Mortgage Marketing a business coach to the company and spread the culture thanks to the contribution of an “ external agent” able to break the mold and bring new value. Invite your salespeople to participate in industry training events to build skills and continuously improve.

Remember That a Satisfied and Happy

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Employee contributes to the well-being of the whole EL Leads company and reduces the employee turnover rate and therefore costs.
If the turnover rate of your employees is particularly high, the costs of training new resources will weigh on the company balance sheet, so it is preferable to attract high-value people and contribute to their growth to keep them in the company.

If you have very good salesmen in some sectors, or particularly performing thanks to their own method, try to understand ” how they do it “, model their   excellence and bring it to the common factor of the whole company. Find out how they think, what method they use and how they position themselves in their activities, make sure that their best practices become a guideline for other sellers too.

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