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 In conclusion . Switching from windows to mac can be a challenge for many users. However . Once you learn how to use your mac . You will find that it offers a number of features and tools that can make your daily work much easier. By using the tips provided in this article . You can start using your mac effectively and increase your productivity. To take a further step forward and become productive immediately . Contact us or sign up for our mac course ready… go ! Our teachers are waiting for you! How to create a smooth transition: the matching cut in adobe after effects matching cutting is an editing technique that is used to create a smooth transition between two video clips . Or between animated objects.

It is an optical illusion in all respects

 This technique involves making a cut in asia email list one clip so that the action or movement visible in that clip continues in the next clip. It is an optical illusion in all respects . An imperceptible transition between one scene and another made possible by the technique that makes a cut at the “right” moment. The match cut has become very popular following the strong rise of this technique on social networks (tiktok and instagram primarily). But the technique has always been widely used and well-known in the world of video editing and editing; just think of the iconic scene of the bone thrown into the air in 2001: a space odyssey which transforms into a spaceship in the descent phase.


Matching cuts in adobe after effectsc

 Apple’s advertisements also make extensive use of it (with text movements). In this article we  explain the logic behind EL Leads the match cut and how to create a transition that exploits this principle in adobe after effects starting from two simple moving shapes. Matching cuts in adobe after effects let’s explore this video editing technique in after effects by simulating a smooth . Subtle transition between two simple moving shapes. A square and a circle. 1. Let’s then create a composition in after effects; feel free to choose the frame rate and size you prefer and add two shapes . A square and a circle.


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