These gestures may seem new at first

 2. How to quickly change mac settings using the “menu bar”: as we have already said . The mac menu bar contains many of the system settings and allows quick access to the functions of an application. To access the menu bar . Just click on the gray bar at the top of These gestures may the screen. On the right there are all the first-time settings and the control center we talked about above. 3. How to open an app in just a few clicks using the launchpad : the launchpad is a screen that displays all the applications installed on your mac.


How to increase productivity using multi-touch

 You can access the launchpad by europe email list clicking on the launchpad icon in the dock bar (the strip at the bottom of the screen with the apps) or by pressing the f4 key. This way . You can quickly launch applications without having to search for them in the finder. 4. How to increase productivity using multi-touch gestures using multi-touch gestures: as we’ve already mentioned . The mac trackpad supports a variety of multi-touch gestures. These gestures may seem new at first . But once you learn how to use them . They can make using your mac much more efficient.


Icloud allows you to automatically back

 For example . One of the most useful gestures is the two-finger swipe . Which allows you to quickly scroll through web  pages or documents . Or with three fingers to switch EL Leads between desktops. 5. How to best organize your mac and files to make them accessible from anywhere using icloud: icloud is apple’s built-in cloud service that lets you sync files and data between apple devices. Using icloud . You can access files from any apple device . Including mac . Iphone . And ipad. Additionally . Icloud allows you to automatically back up important data . Such as photos and contacts.


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