This time for the position of the circle

 As in the following example: let’s create-a-simple-comp-in-after-effects 2. Let’s animate the position of the square . Feel free to indicate the direction and axis. In this example we slide the square from the left (where it enters) to the right (where it exits): let’s set-two-move-keys-for-the-position-in-after-effects 3. We repeat the same step . This time for the position of the circle. Just press p on your keyboard to open location settings and enter two keys. If you are not familiar with the timeline and keys we recommend our popular adobe after effects course to dispel all doubts about it.


Repeat the operation

 4. In order to create a match cut  . I.e. A cut that creates the country email list impression of a fluid transition between the first moving shape and the second . You will have to change the appearance of the movement curve . I.e. The spacing (the speed with which they move the shapes). To do this . Use the graph editor and modify the velocity curve: graph-editor-after-effects-per-match-cut 5. Repeat the operation in step 4 for the other moving figure. Create a movement speed peak . And mark it in the timeline by pressing the asterisk on the numeric keypad .


It's time for the cut

 You will need it to understand where to cut the clips. 6. Check in EL Leads the graph editor that the speed peaks match (it is not important that the height is the same); the essential thing is that the moments in which the two forms go fastest coincide. 7. It’s time for the cut . The match cut in fact! Cut the circle and square clip with the shortcut cmd+shift+d (on mac)  . Ctrl +shift+d in windows at the peak speed . Delete the left part for the circle . And the right part for the square : cutting-the-clips-to-create-the-match-cut-in-after-effects et voilà . You’ve made your first match cut.


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