Accounting Exchange: Joinville receives another edition of the event

For more than a year, the companies Conta Azul and Soluções Domínio from Thomson Reuters , leaders in their segments, have been running TRoCA Contábil in Brazil , an event that bears the initials of the two companies in its name, symbolizing the collaboration for the exchange of solutions and ideas. The event is completely free and aimed at those looking to update the accounting market, through changes in the sector. Last year alone, 23 editions were held in 22 cities, bringing together more than 3500 entrepreneurs and accounting professionals, 100 speakers and 90 hours of content. In August, the city to host the event will be Joinville, in Santa Catarina. The Accounting Exchange will take place at the headquarters of Conta Azul.

Registration and participation in the meeting are free

To participate in the event, you must register at this link. With real examples of accounting entrepreneurs, the meeting shows ways of working with organization and productivity, freeing up time to be closer to their clients and creating growth opportunities for accounting companies. In a lecture during the event, accountant Luiz Gustavo Caetano  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List confirmed that with the use of technology it is possible to guarantee high productivity in the accounting field. “Thanks to tools such as Conta Azul and Domínio, it is possible for a single employee in our office to serve between 100 and 120 companies. This was only possible at Caetano Contabilidade because we invested in the organization of processes and the intense use of technology with strategic partners”, he said.

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The transformation of the accounting

Market is accelerating every day. If in our first events, five years ago, I recommended that an accounting firm start to gradually gain comfort with technology, today I say: dive in head first. There’s no turning back. Use the example of those who have already EL Leads done it and take advantage of the shortcuts. We are here to help”, said Gabriel Manes, Marketing and Channels Director at Conta Azul. For Adriano Ferreira, Senior Marketing Manager at Thomson Reuters, “the future, for the accounting professional, is not a distant concept, but the result of initiatives, mindsets and technologies in which he deepens today. In this sense, TRoCA fosters cooperation between the two companies based on exchanges, exchanges with the accounting professional, who is the center of all our actions.

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