Conta Azul Con 23: know everything that happened at the event

This year, the conference brought together more. Than participants from all Brazilian states, and had 70 sponsors . The event also had more than 50 speakers , who provided professionals in the accounting market with more than 50 hours of content on three simultaneous stages . In addition to a program full of lectures, workshops and discussion panels presented by big names, such as Clayton Oates, Camila Farani, Cafu, Chieko Aoki, Nina Silva and Martha Gabriel , Con 23 promoted a Business Fair with exhibitors from various sectors. Want to stay on top of everything that happened during the three days of the largest accounting and technology conference in Latin America? Come with us and check it out! Image shows the moment of the lecture by the CEO and co-founder of Conta Azul, Vinicius Roveda.

At Conta Azul Con Co-Founder and Ceo

Conta Azul, Vinicius Roveda opened the event. Photo: Disclosure First day The co-founder and CEO of Conta Azul, Vinicius Roveda , opened the event by telling a little about his trajectory and the history of the company, which arrived on the market with the  Singapore Phone Number List objective of making financial management simpler, safer, digital and accessible for customers. entrepreneurs. To the audience present, Roveda explained that the conference’s mission is to help accountants to act strategically with the evolution of business processes. “The accountant is moving towards a more digital and strategic life and needs support to adjust to this reality. Con goes beyond the technical issue of accounting and brings important lessons for entrepreneurship in general, with insights from marketing, sales, innovation and technology”, explained the CEO.

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Image shows the moment of lecture at Azul Con

With a speech on leadership and resilience, Cafu was one of the speakers on the first day. Photo: Disclosure Penta’s captain, Cafu, was one of the speakers on the first day, with a speech on leadership and overcoming challenges. During his career, the player faced nine denials from big clubs until he was finally signed by São Paulo. Afterwards, he became EL Leads captain of the team that won the fifth World Cup title in Brazil, in 2002, when he learned valuable lessons about leadership and the challenges of taking care of teamwork. “There are two types of leaders: the feared and the respected, you have to choose. The leader is the link to make the environment a propitious place for people to focus. Image shows moment of Camila Farani’s lecture at Conta Azul Con 23 Entrepreneur and investor Camila Farani told her trajectory in the business world.

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