Troca Brings Together More Than Accounting Professionals in Joinville

Around 400 professionals from the accounting sector gathered this Thursday (17th), at the headquarters of Conta Azul , in Joinville (SC), for another edition of the TRoCA Contábil event. For more than a year, companies Conta Azul and Soluções Domínio, from Thomson Reuters, leaders in their segments, have been touring Brazil with the event, which bears the initials of both companies in its name. This time, the edition was held in the city of Santa Catarina and, according to the organization, the number of participants was the largest so far: more than 400 accountants. With real examples of accounting entrepreneurs, the meeting shows ways of working with organization and productivity.

Freeing Up Time to Be Closer to Their Clients

Creating growth opportunities for accounting companies. The event had the participation of anderson hernandes , accountant, ambassador of conta azul and digital influencer, who brought participants the journey of success that an accounting firm must follow, based on four fundamental pillars: technology, marketing, organization of processes and  Russia Phone Number List capable people. Rosilda camargo , who is an accountant and guides conta azul, was also present, with a presentation of the main digital tools available for automating day-to-day tasks, which offer faster and better quality deliveries to customers. Rosilda camargo during a lecture at the troca contábil event in joinville rosilda camargo spoke about digital tools that help accountants in their daily lives. Photo: disclosure augusto santana , ceo of holder contabilidade and ambassador of conta azul.

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Brought to the Event the Story of How His Entrepreneurial

Trajectory accompanied the process of digital transformation. In the accounting sector and was influenced by the erp system of conta azul. The businessman stressed the importance of building management focused on customer success. With the support of technology and digital solutions, which facilitate the day-to-day service. At the end of the EL Leads program, leonardo lummertz , customer experience manager for thomson reuters domain solutions. Facilitated the conversation with the other speakers, who answered questions from participants. On topics such as administrative processes, business management and people. During the conversation, the importance of the structure built by digitalized business management. And good people management was highlighted in order to offer quality service and care to customers.

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