Accounting consultancy proposal: download the free template and learn

Have you ever thought that building a good accounting consultancy proposal can show your future clients the real value of your work as an accountant? Thus, it is possible to work side by side with business owners and offer support in decision making. Other than that, having an accounting consulting proposal model brings more clarity to your relationship with the client, making it easier to visualize the work to be developed. It does not stop there! In this content, you will check out the reasons for having your advisory accounting proposal and even download a free model to use. If you have an accounting firm and want to attract more clients, gain time in sending your proposals and increase your revenue, read on! 3 reasons to have a good accounting consulting proposal One of the main characteristics.

A Consultative Posture Focused

The real needs and problems of the client. This is very different from just generating tax forms and sending them for payment. To give you an idea, a Zendesk survey showed that 75% of respondents are willing to invest more in products and/or services that offer a good experience. That study polled nearly 90,000 companies in over 175 countries. That is, you need to  Brazil Phone Number Data delight your customers, just like any other business. Accounting firms are businesses and many accountants are also entrepreneurs . And facing accounting with this differentiated look, the chances of standing out in this market are much greater. The result of all this is an experience that brings value to the client’s company, which is highly valued today. Offering a good accounting consultancy proposal is the best way for your clients to understand the dynamics of your office.

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How do you close services with your customers?

Talking and sending a contract with the amount to sign or describing everything your office offers? As much as the quality of its services is excellent, it is necessary that its processes are really professional. Having an accounting consulting proposal gives more credibility to your clients. Also remember that they may advertise your accounting EL Leads business to others. offer transparency Do you usually receive many complaints regarding contracted services? If this happens, there is no transparency in the relationship between clients and your firm, that is, the services provided are not clear enough for them – and this is one of the main advantages of an accounting consultancy proposal. Make the routine easier When you are prospecting a client, it is very important to send your accounting consulting proposal in a timely manner.

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