How to Offer Accounting Tips to Your Entrepreneurial Clients

What many accountants still don’t realize. That by giving accounting tips to entrepreneurs, the chances of both succeeding are much greater. This happens for a very simple reason: the work of one impacts the result of the other and vice versa. Good reading! Why give accounting tips to entrepreneurs? Far beyond taking care of accounting obligations and remembering tax payments, the accountant is a professional of extreme relevance for the management of a company. Assuming a more consultative posture , it is possible to offer indispensable inputs for the business owner to make his decisions assertively. Instead of just informing that last month’s expenses were higher, you, the accountant, can guide the entrepreneur to a solution capable of reducing costs or even identifying the root of the higher values, for example.

One thing to say that the client needs

Hire a financial management system and quite another to say that: Manual stock control increases the risk of failures and DRE expenses; The main errors that occur are larger orders for items with little output; The solution to solve this problem is to Australia Phone Number Data  invest in an integrated ERP. In this way, the customer understands the importance of eliminating manual processes and, therefore, may even consider hiring a system. The result is a reduction in manual accounting work and an increase in the quality of services provided. Learn how to help your clients by giving accounting tips to entrepreneurs. How to offer accounting tips to entrepreneurs? 1. Understand the pain Some customers have difficulties in carrying out bank reconciliations, despite having cash on hand; others, cannot understand why, even selling a lot, suffer with losses.

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A Service Contract with the Entrepreneur

Before closing understand two things: The real pains of customers and their businesses; How your company’s business model works. That’s because, although two beauty salons have a similar operation, each of them has its particularities. Only after this understanding is it possible to propose accounting tips that solve business problems. 2. Offer consultancies EL Leads The customer’s pain is not only in tax obligations. Often, the problems are in the financial sector, in people management and in the execution of operational processes. If you, in addition to accounting services, have knowledge about other areas of a business, offer free customer consultations and indicate other partners. With this, you add value to your services and solve more than one customer problem. 3. Educate the customer about their accounting and tax obligations You are the bridge between your client and the tax and fiscal legislation.

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