Get to know the main changes that Conta Azul has prepared

There were more than 40 deliveries between launches and platform improvements throughout the year. On average, 100,000 hours were saved , 175,000 exports were carried out and more than 200 cities integrated for issuing invoices through the Conta Azul in 2021 alone! Check out the news that has already been implemented and everything that is to come! know-the-main-changes-that-the-blue-account-prepared-for-the-accountant Conta Azul Mais: main changes in the platform counter panel We modified the layout, making it more modern and with a simplified experience, with shortcuts and features that will provide you with more agility and fewer open tabs. Click here to learn more about the new panel. accounting Now, it is possible to edit and create the Accounting Rules in the platform. This functionality gives you the flexibility to choose which ledger account sales, purchases and financial postings should be registered in.

We also adjusted the Accounting Entries screen

By accessing it, you can edit the entries already created, clone them and add new lines. Automation of tax rules We’ve simplified this process even further. From now on, you can configure rules before the sale is issued. According to the nature of the  Belgium Phone Number Data operation, including taxes such as CSOSN, ICMS for tax substitution, FCP, PIS and COFINS. With this configuration, the data will be filled in automatically when issuing the invoice. City Homologation Portal In 2021 alone, there were more than 200 cities. Approved for issuing a Service Invoice through the Blue Account. Today, there are more than 720 cities. If your city is not approved yet, you only need to apply through our portal. There, you can follow the entire approval process.

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Accounting export to SICs We adjusted some

Settings in the accounting export step. In practice, you can export payments and receipts and purchase and sale. Provisions by the accrual date , in addition to parameterizing the information. You want to export according to the necessary rules – that is, configuring the accounting histories. Payroll We simplify our offer, the same price for any EL Leads size of company, tax regime and segment. Now, you can manage your customers’ payroll , regardless of the number of employees, without any additional charges. We also offer the generation of RAIS and SEFIP files in batch, reducing time in operational routines and increasing productivity to be more consultative. Learn more about Folha da Conta Azul Plus! New Partnership Program We have evolved to better meet the needs of accounting offices and calibrate the measurement criteria for each stage.

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