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What should be the ideal blog post length for SEO?

Anyone who works with website content struggles to figure out. Wonder what the ideal blog post length should be in regards to SEO ? There are many variables that can and should be considered when deciding. How long your articles and blog posts should be, but the two main. Questions to answer are: Who is your target audience? How long should a post be to explain the material in a way that is appropriate for its readers? People often think that short content is better for users to digest. It’s easier and faster to read and people don’t like to look at the same thing on the screen for a long time. It’s no secret that the attention span of each new generation is getting shorter.

what does article length really mean for SEO?

What is the ideal length of a blog post to be effective and truly satisfying to the user? Statistics don’t lie Statistics are a good starting point, but it’s no secret that statistics can sometimes be manipulated. So, first we need to make something clear: regardlessĀ Brazil Phone Number List of length, content can always be both good and bad. Research examining hundreds or even thousands of pages of content probably doesn’t look at what content is really good, what content is really bad, what content is half-assed, etc. In research, analyzing the length of an article and how length can determine whether the content will be good or bad ultimately boils down to simple practicality.

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There are one-word answers that are considered useful

Can be viewed as a Featured Snippet on Google, called Position Zero . Also, good content can take many forms. It is compelling and often easier to absorb due to data sources, various media and effective structure/formatting. Google needs EL Leads substance, evidence and facts from authoritative entities on any topic. It turns out that longer content typically includes these elements. This is an important reason why long-form content ranks higher in organic search than short content. According to research, the average content length for 1 page is approximately 1900 words. This is much more than the 200 or 500 word blog posts that many writers and webmasters consider the ideal length.

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