Continuous Seo Development – How to Adapt?

For the last decade, the “experts” have been saying that “SEO is dead”, when in fact only the old SEO techniques have survived. Everyone who is involved in the online market should be well aware of one thing and that is that SEO is constantly changing and will change all the time. Although the dynamic nature of SEO poses a number of challenges, there will always be plenty of opportunities for those who want to succeed in this field. No one is an SEO “expert” An SEO specialist is often described as a reliable, confident, knowledgeable and dedicated professional. In reality, SEO professionals are usually too busy and have a million jobs to do in order to feel as confident as they think they are. No one is an SEO expert in this regard.

Since there is no set plan for SEO

Those working in this field must learn to adapt to what they encounter. Increasing SERP visibility does not guarantee traffic SEO professionals are advised to implement various tactics to increase positions and visibility, but such tactics do not always Canada Phone Number List attract more traffic. The old SEO strategies have already lost their effectiveness. Here are some of the challenges that SEO professionals face: Emergence of new SERP features: As Google has introduced various SERP features over the past few years, organic results are getting fewer clicks. Decrease in unique network results: For some queries, it is very difficult to find organic results. We often find SERPs with two ads, one info block, related searches, and only six web pages.

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The usual 10 blue links are gone

Featured snippets : Search results that have featured snippets are systematically increasing. Longer meta descriptions. While the optimal meta description length has so far remained 70-155 characters. In some cases such as for specific informational queries. Google may display descriptions as long as 320 characters on search results pages. This can be EL Leads another danger in SERPs, as the meta descriptions may. Already contain some answer to the searcher’s query and harm conversion rate optimization. Ads and other Google properties : In some cases, such as travel. Shopping, and video, Google properties make up a large portion of SERPs. Searches that require fewer clicks : Voice search volume is growing.

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