What I learned from Conta Azul CON

Accounting professionals need to be always up to date with trends, updating themselves and, of course, having good networking. But where to find all of this? At the biggest accounting event in Latin America, Conta Azul CON! With each edition, the goal is to bring more news and learning about accounting and business management. In addition to providing a relaxed atmosphere and having the presence of renowned speakers. In order to understand the importance of the Conta Azul CON for the accounting market , we gathered testimonials from Danilo Reis (manager partner of Avance Contabilidade, from Brasília/DF) and John Moura (partner accountant from Hult Contabilidade, lde Curitiba/PR). Keep reading to check out the valuable teachings that these participants were able to learn in Conta Azul CON. Good reading! Blue Account CON 2022 Conta Azul CON is the largest accounting event in Latin America.

The largest accounting event in Latin America

Big names in the area deliver knowledge and discuss news from the accounting world. No, the event is not a series of exhausting and boring lectures . On the contrary, it is a highly interactive environment, full of discoveries, contact with incredible professionals, an immersive and remarkable experience. To give you an idea of ​​the grandiosity of the  Sweden Phone Number List conta azul con, names such as luiza helena trajano (owner of the magazine luiza store chain) and glória maria (journalist for rede globo) have already participated in the event . After two years, in 2022 the conta azul con was once again face-to-face, and had: an infrastructure of 6,000 square meters; two intense days of programming with more than 30 hours of content; renowned speakers in the market, such as arthur igreja (author of the bestseller “convenience is the name of the business.

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Founder of the innovation platform and speaker

At international teds, leslie shiner (partner of shinergroup, writer, lecturer and instructor with 25 years of experience as a finance and management consultant) and rachel maia (accountant and businesswoman, was considered leader of the year in 2020. Former ceo of lacoste brasil and pandora brasil); tributes and awards for the highlights of the 2022 accounting market . The diversity of subjects is also a concern for the EL Leads organizers of the event. Going through topics such as customer happiness, growth mindset, advisory accounting, and high management performance, the 2022 edition brought lectures that helped the accountant to evolve in various aspects of his career. “we really changed our mindset regarding management” this sentence spoken by danilo reis reveals the satisfaction and result he got from participating in the conta azul con.

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