Formation of Heroes of the Blue Account: people processes

Accounting offices are formed by people, processes and technology. Several businesses know this triad, which is one of the bases of efficient management. But which of them really know how to strike a balance between these three elements? Well, there is a group that commands very well in these areas: those who carry out what they learn in the Conta Azul Pro Hero Training! Therefore, in addition to showing the importance of these three forces, we will bring below valuable advice from Caio Melo about them . In case you don’t know him, he is an accountant, consultant, speaker and founder of Contabilidade Sem Mimimi, a school of hardskills courses for accountants. Check the topics: People, processes and technology: why does the accountant need to understand this triad? Formation of Heroes: Caio Melo’s valuable advice on the current moment of accounting.

A Hero Accountant Goes Far Beyond Issuing

Tax guides and balance sheets. Count on the support of technology to optimize your office processes! people, processes and technology: why does the accountant need to understand this triad? The people in an accounting office are the most complex cogs . With proper functioning, they can speed up your accounting business, bring in big profits, lower costs, and become a great justice league. A group of heroes that grow together as they lead clients to  Switzerland Phone Number List financial success. However, demotivation can have the opposite effect. Disgruntled employees can show low productivity, have inattention that leads to mistakes with big consequences, and much more. Therefore, people need investment in motivation and training. The processes, in turn, are how these cogs are positioned. You can have the best parts in the world to assemble a car, but the engine bolted to the wheel goes nowhere.

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The stages of operations must be clear

Objective and intelligent on the conta azul blog, we launched a post that shows how to map processes . That is, how to assemble flowcharts and the like. We also advise you to know the kanban organization method . Finally, for technology. Have you ever stopped to think about how many times you got the darf information wrong? Or the time it takes to check  EL Leads documents by hand? Technology shortens these processes, reduces manual errors and delivers important data for you to act as a consultant accountant, a true strategic partner for your clients. After all, it’s no use having the best professionals and methodologies if you depend on abacuses to do the math. Invest in optimized, robust and secure systems. Don’t invent the wheel when you can have it all in your hands and it’s still free, with conta azul mais.

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