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Localhost is an alternative to replicating servers in an. Offline environment, where site administration is limited to one computer.  Distend This This allows developers greater autonomy, as well as giving them more features to manage, test, and change WordPress sites. Those who work with WordPress in Digital Marketing strategies constantly face terms that are not always so well known. Among them localhost is, without a doubt, one of the most recurrent and interesting.

Distend This What Does Localhost Mean

In the context of the web, localhost email contact list can be understood. As the local computer that runs whatever application is being used . If you use a tool that runs directly from the cloud , for example, your machine is localhost. Another example is when you use a web browser. When you enter a site, there is a server in a remote location that makes all that infrastructure. Work and appears on your computer or mobile device and also connects to. The database so that all the necessary files can be executed.

The Relationship With Word Press

WordPress has an administration EL Leads panel that allows the user to. Make changes and adjustments that seem best for their site. However, it is not a localhost, as it is the server that ensures that the pages are up and running with the full structure. In that case, it is necessary to set up a host environment to allow. WordPress to assume this localhost role, replicating what the server does . Therefore, the WordPress command panel, even working remotely. Without being installed on the computer, manages to become that access point.

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