Real and Supported by Numbers

Facebook Ads specific to the B2B market. 4 new targeting options have been introduced: IT decision makersBusiness decisionmakersTitles and interests of the people who have decision-making roles incompanyAdministratorsofnewcompanies created in the last 6, 12 or 24 monthsThis news confirms the platform’s greater interest in B2B companies and gives hope for the introduction of more options to implement increasingly specific and targeted leadgeneration strategies. Sponsorship on LinkedIn and Facebook is just one of the possible tools to lev

real and supported by numbers

web makes available to us? The strategies for obtaining new contacts online are numerous and obviously must be evaluated based on the company’s objectives and the target you want to reach. There are, therefore, no better or worse solutions but solutions suited to specific needs.Linkedin for B2B marketingIt is now obvious to say that LinkedIn is the ideal social network for the world of work. nside you can find professionals of all types, coming from different sectors and with extremely specific specializations. For a B2B company Business Email List  it is an essential platform to create content, communicate with its users and also to see how its competitors are moving. Since it is a vertical social network in the world of work, reaching the target of a B2B

why a B2B company should invest in this platform

Business Email list

company is much easier on LinkedIn. On the platform we find users perfectly targeted based on their job function, the sector in which they work and their seniority. This allows us to reach exactly who we are looking for and acquire quality leads through ad hoc content and campaigns. For example, EL Leads  taking advantage of the possibility of creating specific sponsorships for lead generation. B2B companies According to the data, on Linkedin record a conversion rate from visitor to lead (2.74%) that is almost 3 times higher than on Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook

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