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Show when visitors See at the top of the page. Arrival page center. Arrive at the bottom of the page. To reach a specific part of the page. It stays on the page for a few seconds. Show the same visitor multiple times: You can specify how many days it must take to display chat content to the same user again. Insert a chat on a web page: you can add a form to your website by – plugin( here I tell you), or manually add a script to your website.

fields that you have created to your

 After you create the form, open it to look like this: Ready!You can   new data  now use – chat features and capture leads on your site! – email marketing and automation You can add fields to forms as I mentioned above,This – the most powerful part is that you can add different types of fields to fully personalize your chat. In each field, you can also customize specific information. Some of this data is repeated in all fields as follows: Field Titles.

contact list, you can do so with this

 Field is empty text( placeholder). Help text. Default value. WillFields are set to be required. Now I’ll tell you about each area: Name In this field, users must add their  EL Leads  name. Nothing to say. Mobile In order to have a conversation, obviously the user has to share their cell phone number with you. If not, we have trouble adding the default country prefix in addition to the default field.

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