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Language If your business may have customers in different parts of the world, you can offer them the possibility to choose which language they want to communicate in, as long as you add it to the settings of your chosen contact list. Email In addition to phone numbers for conversations, a good option might be to request that an email be able to add users to your email list or for a remarketing campaign.

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Telephone Although by default we will enter the “ phone” field, if – there is a “ phone” field in  new database  it, it will provide it for you to use here, although it does not make much sense to add two similar fields. Last name There is nothing to say about this option. It is the same as the “ name” field, but the last name should be added separately. Date of birth Depending on your business type, you may be interested in asking about the date of birth of a user, although honestly I do not think this is a necessary and important field.

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Consent If you want users to mark a privacy policy check, you can do so by using this option, where you can also display or hide the options you want to offer based on the type of consent you want to apply. Additional fields If you want to add any additional custom fields that you have created to your contact  EL Leads  list, you can use this option to do so. Create a marketing campaign via “ ” “ is a very interesting option to capture potential customers on your site, but once you capture those users, how will you handle them?

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