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I have come to spend more than The Product 20,000 euros a Product Strategies. Month on my personal expenses on. You with some prior advice that has been very useful to me over the years. There it goes: Surround yourself with people equal and better than you. Equal in the sense of sharing habits, tastes and passions with you. And better as long as they are even bigger than you, that they are more worked. In the areas where you still lack, that they have great. Virtues that you do not have. May they be at the level that one day you aspire to be at… And for this reason you will admire. Them… and precisely for this reason you will also feel grateful that they are your friends.

I liked SEO but The Product I didn't know

If you are an entrepreneur in the digital top industry data world “and you want to rock it,” surround yourself. With others with the same desire and hunger as you. If you want to learn how to invest (as is my case now) focus on spending time with people who already know how to do it and who are already successful at it. When it comes to SEO, that was one of the things I did well 10 years ago when I started on the Internet : I was totally alone, I liked SEO but I didn’t know ANYONE who shared that taste with me; My lifelong friends used the.

Alex Navarro and the legendary Carlos Bravo

Internet to spy on their “exes” on Facebook EL Leads and they didn’t care about my passion “for niches.” At that moment I joined a community that changed everything for me: the now extinct “ Quondos ”, when it was first ridden by the legendary Alex Navarro and the legendary Carlos Bravo. There I met other SEOs, other webmasters who moved much more traffic than me (@Celton, I will always remember you) in those first months and that gave me wings, it gave me fuel to want to be as good as them, to stop wanting to be like that group of new people that would end up making me who I am. Not only have they transformed me, although they were the first and I suppose they don’t forget, in the same way you never forget your first love.

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