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They have been many… the sum of all the hundreds Stay Informed of beautiful people. That I have met in these 10 years on the Internet. Anas Andaloussi, who at 18 years old has his own AI company . And generates tens of thousands a month. Jesús Madurga, owner of dozens of houses and even hotels (thanks for the dedication. On the first page of your book friend. My partner Roldán. A beast in niches like few I have met; Álvaro Peña.

Owner of dozens of Stay Informed houses and even hotels

Atrápalo and now owner of his own agency… Alexandra industry email list Quiroga who makes 1 million a year with niches and CPA and inspires me. Both for her knowledge and her sweetness… well. SO many people that if. I could name half of them would. Like this post. With just their names. The thing is that regardless of whether they. Make “money”, they are smart people . They are interesting people just because of “how they think.” who has always given me so much while asking for so little; my partner. Gaby, probably the smartest person. I know; Erik Miller, trafficker in his day at.

Have access to those contacts or friends

That they earn money is just a “ consequence ” that derives from their way of being, from EL Leads their mindset, from the fact that they are all people of action and I value them for that. They make me better every day. At this moment you may be. Thinking but you are Dean. Romero. I don’t have access to those contacts or friends ” and that is as true or false as you. Want to tell yourself. I started on the Internet totally alone. My grandmother, who came in from time to time to leave. Me a snack in the room, was my only company. Meeting people who make you vibrate is vital. If you don’t have people like that around now, start moving.

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