The finder can take some getting used

 To learn how to best use the control center . Visit the link to the apple pages. The mac finder is the equivalent of the windows explorer . The finder allows you to navigate through files and folders on your mac and also allows you to perform some useful functions like searching for files or opening a preview of files by simply pressing the “space” button. However . The finder can take some getting used to for those coming from windows. For example . On mac . Files can be renamed by double-clicking the file name or pressing the “enter” key on the keyboard.

You can access spotlight by pressing

 Finally . One of the best features of the mac africa email list is the “ trackpad ” with its multi-touch capabilities . A mac’s trackpad is much larger than a windows pc’s touchpad and supports a variety of gestures . Such as two-finger scrolling or pinch-to-zoom. These features may seem new to those coming from windows . But once you learn to use them . They can make using your mac much more efficient and make you forget about the classic mouse. To learn how to use the trackpad’s multi-touch gestures . Visit the official apple page .


You can access spotlight by pressing

 What can you do with a mac? Now that we’ve looked at some of the main differences between mac and windows . Let’s see what you can EL Leads do with a mac and some helpful tips for using it: 1. How to search files and folders on mac using the spotlight feature : spotlight is your mac’s built-in search feature . Allowing you to quickly find files . Folders . Applications . And more. You can access spotlight by pressing “command + spacebar” key . This way . You can avoid having to navigate through folders to find what you’re looking for.


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