The Copy Tripod: Learn how to structure your Sales Communication

In this short article I will talk about a concept that I learned in a Copywriting training that I am doing, because it is something very useful, but little talked about, and I decided to share it so that it can help even more people. So I suggest you read the article until the end, because you will hardly find Copy content like this for free. And although this concept is simple, it can make a total difference when you write your Copy. As you may have noticed, the name of this concept is “The Copy Tripod, and by understanding how this works you will be able to create Copys more easily, more efficiently and get better results for your business. The Copy Tripod, like any tripod, is something that serves as a structure.

Which Will Sustain All Your Copy

A foundation, and is based on the 3 Tripod elements that you will write your Copy on. And these 3 elements are: Public; Message; Strategy. I will talk about each one of them below, and in addition I will also talk about “Noise”, which despite not being Pakistan Phone Number List part of the Copy Tripod, this is also a very simple concept, but which can also make a difference in the result of your copy. Copy. A very simple way for you to memorize the Copy Tripod is with 3 questions: Who? What ? As? The Audience is the “Who?”, the Message is the “What?” and the Strategy is the “How Public The first element of the Copy Tripod is the Audience. And this one is very easy to understand, the public is basically your, your listeners, or readers, the people to whom you will be directing your communication.

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At this moment my Audience

In my case, you the reader who is reading this article. That is, the person who is reading the content that I have published. Gotta get it, right? And your audience is probably the people you want to buy your product or service. Why is knowing the audience important? This can be a recurring question, but with great importance since many may think that they EL Leads can simply sell their product to everyone. Don’t do that!! Regardless of what you sell, not everyone will want to buy your product, or it’s simply not the right time to buy , and insisting on communicating your sales message to those who are not your purchased audience will generate effort. and very high costs and low results. Therefore, it is important that you know your audience.

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