3 Steps to Writing Copy in a Simple and Professional Way

If you are the type of person who is already scared by a blank. Screen and can’t start writing the first lines of your Copy, don’t worry! In this article you will learn the 3 steps to write copy that really gives results for you and your clients. In conclusion, These 3 steps work as a Beginning, Middle, and End. That way you can make the process of creating your Copy simpler and more efficient. 1st step: Research If you thought that the first step in writing Copy was to start writing, I’m sorry to tell you but you were wrong lol” When you start a Copy directly through Writing, the chances of you getting stuck on the “blank screen” and not writing anything are very high, or worse, you even write the copy, but it simply doesn’t give any results.

If the 2 cases have already happened to you

You probably skipped the First Step to write your Copy, and that first step is Research . And about 80% of your time spent creating copy should be spent researching. And as much as some will think and say that searching is very boring, or even Oman Phone Number List unnecessary, this step is very important and must be taken seriously! If you do a good research, the process of writing your Copy will become easier, and your communication will be much more assertive. Therefore, it is very important that you research aspects such as: Target Audience; Persona; Pains of your target audience; Main Objections in the purchase process; competitors; etc. To obtain this information about your audience and carry out your research, you can consult comments from websites, blogs, YouTube channels of yours and your competitors.

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Forums in your niche and see what this audience

Says and understand what difficulties they face. They have. In addition, you can also use tools to collect demographic data such as. Facebook Audicence Insights (If you use Facebook Ads); Google Analytics (If you have a Website or Blog). Youtube Analytics (if you have a channel) However, not having these tools is not. An excuse for not doing the research, in fact EL Leads these tools serve more. As a complement to better understand the demographic information about your Target Audience. In conclusion, If you are copying for a client, it is important. That in the Research process, you exchange and collect information with your client. And remember, spend around 80% of your time on Research. If your research is well done, the next step will come out smoothly and efficiently.

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