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Heard a lot about Amazon affiliate websites but have no idea where to start? Take inspiration from these seven examples. Amazon affiliate websites make money via commissions from their affiliate program: Amazon Associates. Here’s how this works: A person visits an Amazon affiliate site. They click on an affiliate link to buy a recommended product on Amazon. Amazon pays the site owner a commission. In this post, we’ll share some inspiring Amazon affiliate websites, why they’ve done so well, and how you can replicate their success. Let’s get things started. For starters, the doomsday prepper market is huge.

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Million Americans have either recently purchased survival gear or are already in possession of some. Of course, The Prepared is not the only website focused on survivalism. There are tons of websites in this niche. The success of this particular site falls largely down to its owners’ focus on creating company data content about evergreen topics. Evergreen topics are those with consistent interest and search volume over time. For example, we can see that The Prepared targets keywords like “best tarp.” They don’t have to worry about waning interest in their topics. People will still be searching for “best tarp” 5 years from now. They can get consistent organic traffic over time. Google tends to favor fresh results for queries like “best tarp” because old posts are out of date and no use to searchers in 2020.

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Minor updates as new products become available, the guys behind The Prepared can maintain rankings long term. What also makes them stand out is the EL Leads quality of their content. For their reviews, they test every product before publishing, and they’re transparent about the testing process. Besides creating a better user experience, “hub” pages are also beneficial for SEO. This is because more “authority” is transferred to DogFoodAdvisor’s most important pages as subpages link back to hub pages and vice-versa). This is almost certainly part of the reason why this page is ranking so well. Learn more about the types of content hubs in this post.  Create useful content that attracts links Dog food recalls are surprisingly common but also easy to miss.

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