Online Training for Hotels and Restaurants

Just a week ago today, the Online Training for Hotels and Restaurants that I carried out following several requests ended. Requests that came due to the circumstances of confinement, the crisis that we already anticipated that we would enter, the temporary closure of businesses (a priori) and a decline through uncertainty. That same uncertainty turned into fear. The fear caused by the unknown and the excess of thinking too much about what to do in an unprecedented situation and that no one was prepared for it. Also, without prior notice.

Charge for online training

Online training for Hotels and Restaurants had a cost. A ridiculous cost, but it had it. And this is one of the controversies that have been brewing since we entered the crisis. Many professionals dispute whether or not to charge for training. Well my answer is clear: Of course! But before email contact list you put your hands on your head and say “I’ll stop reading Èlia”, do just that… keep reading. I am one of the people who right now criticizes the way in which some “professionals” sell.

I present to you my Storycontent group

If you know me, you know that I have a Marketing, Communication and Advertising group on Facebook called Storycontent , where every week you can find Lives, Interviews with other professionals, videos with recommendations, articles, Webinars, etc. It’s a private group, and all members receive that content for free. Yes, free. And these contents imply time, knowledge, experiences, mistakes EL Leads and many years of learning that, fortunately, that training is still present. If you don’t know me and you are reading me for the first time, now you know a little more about me.

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