Hugs the new Inebir spot created by Parnaso

Hugs the new parnaso is the agency in charge of the new spot of the Institute for the Study of the Biology of Human Reproduction. Therefore, which highlights the work of the different multidisciplinary professionals in the area of the Inebir assisted reproduction unit (gynecologists, embryologists, experts in genetics). The independent agency has conceptualized an emotional story divided into two parts. The first phase shows the daily. Therefore, constant and even obsessive work of the Inebir professional team. Focusing on their efforts to find the ideal solution for each of their cases. The Institute for the Study of the Biology of Human Reproduction has a pregnancy success rate of more than 95% in its patients with their own eggs.

Feeling of happiness that a patient experiences

The second top industry data part of the video shows the reaction and feeling of happiness that a patient experiences when fulfilling her dream of getting pregnant and how she shares the news with her partner. Melting into a hug. Therefore, this final hug of the couple is an allegory to the Inebir logo. Therefore, since it is two arms hugging. The claim of the video is “we embrace life”, a text that reinforces the value that Inebir gives to hugs as a sign of affection, empathy and affection.

Becomes a privilege

It is an honor EL Leads to be able to help Inebir build and consolidate its communication discourse as an advertiser. Therefore, when a company has so much truth behind it, when you see that from the first to the last of its more than 50 members they strive daily to give their best to help fulfill their patients’ dreams, doing your job as a creative becomes a privilege . Therefore, josé Arribas, executive director and chief creative officer of Parnaso, has declared .

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